Accommodation in Iceland

Three and four star hotels in Iceland

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Iceland and the capital Reykjavik has hotels, guesthouses and hostels to suit all budgets, from luxurious to simple and satisfactory. Rates correspond to the services offered and the furnishings.

The hotels we offer for our incentive groups vary from standard to top quality depending on the budget.  We can choose from smaller and bigger hotels in Reykjavik and exquisite hotels in the countryside as well. The stay in our best class hotels is an important part of your stay.

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Hotels - Classification

Any place in Iceland offering an overnight stay can be rated according to a classification of 5 groups (group 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 stars, as well as the assignment of stars). This classification is not an exhaustive assessment of all services available in the respective accommodation, but it is based on more than 100 details. The Icelandic Tourist Board is responsible for this classification. You can recognize participating houses by the blue and red symbol next to the front door, showing the current classification.

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Four star hotels

A four star hotel shall fulfil an exceptional standard of cleanliness, offer breakfast both in the guestrooms and in a restaurant that shall also offer a la carte menu. There shall be a 24 hour reception open in the hotel and it should be furniture with quality among other things. Please see the classification criteria from Icelandic Tourist Board.


An example of four star hotels we use for our incentive groups.
101 hotel - Luxury designed hotel located in the centre of Reykjavik.
Hotel Borg - A hotel that combines old time elegance with modern style in the centre of Reykjavik.
Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Marina - Located in the downtown harbor district just few steps from downtown Reykjavik.
Hilton Reykjavik Nordica - Situated in the financial district of the capital and only a short journey from the city center.
Grand Hotel - Superior hotel for business traveller, conference guests and tourists who demand excellent service and facilities.
Icelandair Hotel Natura - Newly remodeled hotel built in 1964, a true Reykjavik original.
Hotel Ranga -  A luxury countryside hotel and the only 4 star resort in South Iceland.

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Three star hotels

A three star hotel shall have high cleaning standard, a breakfast in separate dining room, a bar or other facilities for buying refreshments and a receptionist available throughout the day. Please have a look at the hotel classification criteria from Icelandic Tourist Board.


An example of three star hotels we use for our incentive groups

  Fosshotel Baron - Situated right in the heart of Reykjavík, near the seafront, within walking distance of shops and attractions.
  Fosshotel Lind - Recently renovated hotel located next to Laugavegur, the city‘s main shopping street.
  Center Hotel Plaza - One of Reykjavik´s favorite hotels and a part of the city´s rich cultural heritage.
  Centerhotel Klopp - The décor of all the hotel rooms is in modern Scandinavian style, warm and comfortable with wooden floors and exquisite bathrooms.
  Icelandair Hotel Fludir - A popular south Iceland hotel, located in the charming village of Fludir with its rolling hills, streams, geothermal springs, greenhouses and mild weather.
  Icelandair Hotel Hamar - Relaxing retreat-style hotel built on an 18-hole golf course in West Iceland, a region rich in saga history and supreme natural beauty.
  Hotel Hofn - Founded in the year 1966 and is one of the better established hotels in the country.


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