Sea Angling in Iceland

Discover Westfjords from a different point of view.

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Sea Angling in Iceland

About the fishing resorts

Sudureyri is a small village 23km away from Isafjordur, the biggest town in the West fjords. Sudureyri is an ideal destination for everybody travelling in the area. You will find all important services in town. Sudureyri is a fine example of an Icelandic fishing village and very close to one of the best angling sites in the North Atlantic. Throughout the ages, the locals have brought catch from the sea and prevailed with style through the difficulties of the fishing industry.

Flateyri is located only 20 minutes from Isafjordur and Sudureyri. The town is quite self-contained and all major services are to be found there. It has its own tranquil way of life. Flateyri is a lovely place in the calm of the evening when boats slumber by the harbour and the fjord beyond it sports an upside down image of Thorfinnur Mountain. In the shadow of the mountain, the hearts of fish and men beat in time with the tide.

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The Houses:
12 new summerhouses and 12 newly renovated older houses for 4 to 6 people. The houses are equipped with all utilities, furniture and fully equipped kitchen.

The Boats:
Icelandic made Segla boats, which are tailor made for sea angling in the waters around Iceland. The boats are 7.80 meters long and 2.85 meters wide with a 130 horse power turbo diesel engine (in the boat).

On Board: GPS plotter, Eco-load, Radio to coast-guard, GPS security signal, life-vests, life-boat, extra tank for fuel, pole holder.

Angling guides and services:
Iceland ProTravel offers the service of our own angling guides which will inform you about the boat and give you information about the best angling places in the West fjords. Our guides also offers you a 24/7 service during your stay in the West fjords.
In January 2009 the Icelandic Government passed a new act of law about boat driving license.
The law states that at least one person must have either a "Day Skipper R.Y.A Boat Certificate" or the "60 Day Boat Driver’s License"
For those not having the boat-driving license, we offer a short and simple course for one person in the group, which will give rights to drive the boat during your stay in Iceland.

The costs for this course are kept as low as possible.

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