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Want to host a memorable event?

Special event


Whatever your goals are, want to have big or small event, breakfast, lunch, afternoon get-together or evening surprise, Iceland ProTravel staff will make sure that your guests will have a memorable experience. 

A choice between a venue with a view over Reykjavik, nice place outside to enjoy the midnight sun, maybe a tent, or a real Icelandic country feeling is not an issue, tell us your thoughts and we will make them happen.

Why not save your time, money and energy and enjoy your event with your guests and allow us to plan your event in a professional way. We focus on making your event an unforgettable and unique experience. Please see examples of the programs we can offer here below or contact us and allow us to design a special event for you.

Our Programs

Iceland Incentive Classic

Classic incentive program that has it all; the highlights of Iceland, fine restaurants, top classic meeting facilities, inspiration and fun.

4 days/ 3 nights

Iceland Conference Classic

Enjoy the top classic meeting facilities in Iceland, fine restaurants and get to know the country in a day tour.

5 days / 4 nights

Iceland Incentive Spring

This program is adventurous but still relaxing. It covers major highlights of Icelands inspiring nature with emphasis on quality and not too long driving distances.

4 days or more

Iceland incentive Autumn

This program is compact and full of action, with moments of relaxation in between. The emphasis is on quality hotels and restaurants in Reykjavik and the countryside.

3 days and more

Luxury Incentive

This luxurious incentive program focuses on the pure and clean resources in Iceland. Wellness and fantastic activities to recharge and spark new ideas.

4 days / 3 nights


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