You are waiting for spring, you’ve planned to visit Iceland during February or March, and now you need some inspiration what to do during your stay? Well, we’ve got some great news for you that will make you jump right on the next plane to Reykjavik.

If you love food as much as we do, and you’re a fan of trying new dishes, this will make your heart beat faster: the world acclaimed annual Reykjavik Food and Fun Festival will take place on February 27th - March 3rd 2019 for the 18th time, and it will make all your culinary dreams come true.

Icelandic-seafoodDuring the festival, world-renowned chefs from Europe and the US team up with Reykjavik's top restaurants, and compete for the best menus, by only using Icelandic ingredients. At the end of the week, a jury consisting of famous chefs will honor the winner with the title of Food and Fun Chef of the Year. One thing that all gourmet menus will have in common: they will be affordable.

The culinary pleasure, the people you’ll meet, and the atmosphere during this exciting and delicious time, will make you forget about the cold and grey days during this season.

If you’re not that much into food, but much more into fashion, then don’t worry, we know what you’ll have to do, to wait for spring in style.

DesignMarch, Iceland’s annual design festival will be held on March 28th – 31st 2019. For the 11th time, fashion, furniture, architecture, environment, product, and food designers are going to present the best of Iceland’s regional design scene, next to famous international creators. With over 100 events taking place in these couple of days, this year will be the biggest and most notable festival yet.Fashion-Freestocks-org_via_Pexels

At the beginning of the festival, you can join so-called DesignTalks, which means a whole day of presentations by renowned global designers, and leading regional thought leaders. These talks should inspire you, give you fresh input, and encourage you to think outside the box.

So be prepared for days full of exclusive, brand-new, exceptional styles and experimental ideas, no matter if you want to pimp your home, style, or even your cooking skills, there will definitely be something for you.